Solar Roof Lease

Make solar simple and turn sunlight into an income stream.  As a building owner, you are always seeking ways to improve your bottom line by cutting costs, adding new revenue streams, and making improvements. Have you considered putting your roof to work for you, similar to leasing space for a billboard or cell tower?

With a solar roof lease, your roof’s unused space becomes a revenue-producer when working with the Green Bank to install a solar PV system. Leasing your roof space means a reliable, worry-free tenant who puts lease payments in your account. And your roof helps put more renewable energy into the utility grid leading to a healthier future for all.

With a solar roof lease through the Green Bank you can:

  • Earn a new passive stream of income from the solar panels on your roof without having
    to worry about the technical aspects of owning and maintaining a solar system.  The fixed payments, which could be thousands of dollars annually depending on the size of your roof, are made no matter how the system performs. (The Green Bank or its partners who own the system are responsible for performance and maintenance.)
  • “Go solar” without any upfront costs or incurring any debt. There is no financial underwriting and the review process is quicker and simpler than with other solar options. Excellent option for going solar for building owners who are credit challenged, have limited equity in their property, or who cannot monetize tax credits. Whether a commercial building or nonprofit, a solar roof lease can make solar simple.
  • Let your customers, employers and competitors see that you’re making a positive impact on the environment by harnessing the power of the sun.
  • Make improvements to your roof as part of the installation process.
  • Roof not suitable for solar? Consider leasing a portion of your unused land (ground mount solar) or combine solar with a carport in your parking lot.
  • Transfer the lease to a new building owner if you sell the property. An income generating roof can improve the property value at the time of sale.

The roof lease is offered through qualified solar contractors in your area that will help design a project tailored for your roof. Learn more on our roof lease fact sheet.

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