The Connecticut Green Bank was established to promote investment in clean energy in accordance with a comprehensive plan developed by it to foster the growth, development, and commercialization of clean energy sources, related enterprises, and stimulate demand for clean energy and deployment of clean energy sources that serve end-use customers in this state.

The Board of Directors of the Connecticut Green Bank has approved of the following comprehensive plans and budgets:


Environmental Infrastructure Primers

Process to Understand Components of Environmental Infrastructure

In October 2021, the Connecticut Green Bank developed a plan upon which it was going to engage stakeholders to understand the various components of “environmental infrastructure.” With its mission to “confront climate change by increasing and accelerating investment into Connecticut’s green economy to create more resilient, healthier, and equitable communities,” within each component of “environmental infrastructure,” the cross-cutting issues of reducing greenhouse gas emissions (“GHG”), increasing climate adaptation and resilience, and enabling investment in vulnerable communities was explored. These primers reflect the observations, findings, and initial recommendations from the conversations with stakeholders and research conducted on these topics.