About Us

The Connecticut Green Bank is the nation’s first green bank.* Established by the Connecticut General Assembly in July 2011, the Connecticut Green Bank supports the Governor’s and Legislature’s energy strategy to achieve cleaner, less expensive, and more reliable sources of energy while creating jobs and supporting local economic development. The Connecticut Green Bank evolved from the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund, which was given a broader mandate in 2011 to become the Connecticut Green Bank.

The Green Bank’s vision is a planet protected by the love of humanity and its mission is to confront climate change by increasing and accelerating investment into Connecticut’s green economy to create more resilient, healthier, and equitable communities.

Our green bank model upended the government subsidy-driven approach to clean energy by working with private-sector investors to create low-cost, long-term sustainable financing to maximize the use of public funds. We continue to innovate, educate and activate to accelerate the growth of green energy measures in the residential (single and multifamily), commercial, industrial, institutional and infrastructure sectors.

Innovate - Educate - Active - Accelerate

The model works. We are deploying more clean energy more quickly and efficiently than ever. Since its inception, the Connecticut Green Bank and its private investment partners have deployed over $2.26 billion in capital for clean energy projects across the state. Projects recorded through FY 2022 show that for every $1 of public funds committed by the Green Bank that an additional $7.00 in private investment occurred in the economy.

Watch Connecticut Green Bank President & CEO Bryan Garcia discuss the Green Bank in the video below.

Inclusive Prosperity: Our Commitment to You

Our simple promise of increasing affordability and accessibility to green energy has evolved into a greater commitment to our stakeholders.

We believe that everything we do, we do to help people thrive and businesses grow.

We do it in the interest of achieving inclusive prosperity for Connecticut and beyond.

Learn how we do this for:

Making an Impact

Since our inception, the Connecticut Green Bank has surpassed $2 billion in clean energy investment in Connecticut. And we’re just getting started…  

Innovations in American Government Award Winner
Program support is made possible by a grant from the Innovations in American Government Award, a program of the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at Harvard Kennedy School. In 2017, the Connecticut Green Bank received the Award for their “Sparking the Green Bank Movement” entry.


* A green bank accelerates the deployment of green solutions using limited public dollars to attract private capital investment in clean energy projects. In doing so, it supports the green economy across all sectors.