Building Owners

Green energy upgrades to improve your bottom line.

Find the green energy upgrade that’s right for building owners like you. Start lowering your energy bills while increasing your property’s value.  Improve your bottom line. Learn how with these two programs — C-PACE and Multifamily Energy Financing Program.

C-PACE Program

Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) is an innovative program that lets you pay for green improvements over time through a voluntary benefit assessment on your property tax bill. C-PACE makes it easier for building owners to secure low-interest capital to fund energy improvements and is structured so that energy savings more than offset the benefit assessment.

Upgrade with a C-PACE registered contractor. Whether you are looking to install solar panels, efficient lighting, or efficient heating and cooling equipment, C-PACE has contractors in your area.

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Solar Roof Lease

With a solar roof lease, your roof’s unused space becomes a revenue-producer when working with the Green Bank to install a solar PV system. Leasing your roof space means a reliable, worry-free tenant who puts lease payments in your account.

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Green Bank Solar PPA

The Connecticut Green Bank offers an opportunity for building owners to go solar with no money down, delivering immediate savings on electricity through a third-party owned and operated solar system.

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C-PACE New Construction

C-PACE New Construction provides accessible and affordable financing for developers. It leverages the proven success of C-PACE to help developers build higher performing, and more cost-effective and competitive buildings.

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