Residential Contractors

Making green energy upgrades affordable for your customers.

Offer your customers one of the easiest and most affordable ways to finance smart energy upgrades. We provide progress payments that will ease your working capital concerns. You’ll grow your business, generate more cash flow, and help your community, all at the same time.


Help Your Customers Finance Their Next Energy Project

Smart-E Loans offer no money down, low-interest financing with flexible terms to help you upgrade your home’s energy performance. Over 40 home energy improvement measures that reduce energy use and lower costs may qualify. And applying through a local lender is as easy as child’s play.

Interested in becoming an eligible contractor for Smart-E?  Start an application to join (click here).

To be eligible you must:

  • Attend at least one Smart-E training
  • Be properly licensed and insured
  • Have no negative Better Business Bureau rating

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Residential Solar Investment Program (RSIP)

Help Your Customers Make a Smart Solar Energy Investment in their Homes

The Residential Solar Investment Program offers two incentive structures to help Connecticut homeowners go solar:

  • The Expected Performance-Based Buydown incentive (EPBB) (Rebate) is available to homeowners choosing to purchase a PV system from an Eligible Contractor. With EPBB, the Contractor presents the rebate as an upfront cost reduction to the customer and is reimbursed by the Green Bank upon completion of the project.
  • The Performance-Based Incentive (PBI) is designed to allow homeowners to benefit from solar PV systems for little to no upfront cost. With PBI, an Eligible Third-Party PV System Owner owns the system and enters into a contract with the homeowner. The PBI is paid to the System Owner based on actual performance over the course of 6 years, and is used to reduce the homeowner’s monthly cost. There is also a low-to-moderate income (LMI) version of the PBI for homeowners making 100% of area median income or lower.

Interested in becoming an Eligible Contractor or Eligible Third-Party PV System Owner in the Residential Solar Investment Program? Review the materials below and contact

    LMI PBI Incentive Materials – in order to offer this incentive to your customers you must respond to this separate RFQ

    Multifamily Energy Financing Programs

    The Connecticut Green Bank has a variety of programs that help multifamily owners save money on operating costs, reduce energy costs, and improve the living environment for their tenants.

    Through our programs, multifamily contractors like you can grow your business by closing more projects, whether it is through pre-development loans for owners, or permanent financing.

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