The Connecticut Green Bank is the nation’s first green bank.

A green bank is an entity that accelerates the deployment of clean energy using limited public dollars to attract private capital investment in clean energy projects. In doing so, it makes clean energy more affordable and accessible to consumers.

Home Solutions

The Green Bank empowers Connecticut families through accessible and affordable green solutions that bring comfort, resiliency and security. Find incentives for battery storage, use the Green Bank’s flexible financing to reduce costs while increasing energy savings, or learn about going solar.

Building Solutions

The Green Bank offers green solutions for buildings of all types – from businesses and nonprofits to multifamily housing and local government. Modern, sustainable buildings help owners save money, reduce their environmental impact, and create better spaces for their tenants, employees, and residents

Investment Solutions

The Green Bank creates opportunities for in-state residents and beyond to participate in our green investment solutions. Earn a return on your investment while supporting our solutions or unlock financing for your projects.

Contractor Solutions

The Green Bank makes renewable energy and energy efficiency more accessible and affordable for homes, buildings and all stakeholders, contractors’ businesses are growing to meet demand. Become a Green Bank registered contractor to leverage financing and incentives to better serve your customers and complete more projects.

Community Solutions

The Green Bank helps Connecticut thrive, creating stronger towns and cities by offering green solutions for all. From offering solutions for local and state government properties to providing outreach support for community, helping everyone access green energy and achieve a more prosperous future.

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