Connecticut Green Bank Presents 2022 Awards

Projects, partners, homeowners, and stakeholders recognized for their impact on the green economy in our communities

Hartford, CT (April 24, 2023) – In recognition of their contributions to the deployment of clean energy and demonstrated leadership in their industries and communities in 2022, the Connecticut Green Bank has announced the honorees of its eighth annual awards. The awards recognize key partners in the dedicated network of contractors, developers, lending partners, community leaders, and home and building owners. As a result of projects and partnerships like these, the Green Bank has helped create more than 26,000 job years and 66,000 clean energy projects since 2011.

“We are excited to honor this diverse group of our community members, and we are proud of their continued leadership and support,” said Bryan Garcia, President and CEO of the Green Bank. “Each year, the list of recipients for our annual awards grows. For 2022, we are recognizing the first contractors and homeowners participating in the Public Utility Regulatory Authority’s (PURA) Energy Storage Solutions program, which launched in 2022 and has reduced the cost of installing battery storage in homes and businesses through incentives.”

Here are the award recipients for 2022:

Building Solutions Awards

C-PACE and Solar PPA Outstanding Project

Energy efficiency and solar project at Mystic Aquarium

This project is an outstanding example of the ability of the Green Bank’s Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) financing and Solar Power Purchase Agreement (Solar PPA) programs to reduce energy burdens and increase efficiency. The Green Bank recognizes Mystic Aquarium for its innovation and collaboration to accomplish its efficiency and sustainability goals at the aquarium. This award also recognizes ESC Controls for its energy efficiency contributions, including HVAC, lighting, and energy-monitoring equipment, and Verogy for the 272 kW solar installation. This comprehensive project is helping the Aquarium reduce energy usage and costs, with savings estimated at $1.8 million over the expected useful life of the measures.

C-PACE Outstanding Project

Project at the Daughters of Mary of the Immaculate Conception in New Britain

This project is an outstanding example of the ability of C-PACE financing to support innovative green energy projects that positively impact our communities and improve resilience. The Green Bank honors Daughters of Mary of the Immaculate Conception in collaboration with Citizens Energy, EcoSolar, and Schneider Electric, for leveraging C-PACE financing to establish a microgrid providing backup power that enables the critical care facility to operate even when the electric grid is down. Citizens Energy Corporation (a C-PACE capital provider) financed a microgrid that combines 1.4 megawatt hours (MWh) of battery storage capacity with 1.2 megawatts (MW) of solar generation. Both the solar and battery systems were jointly installed by EcoSolar and Schneider Electric. The project also received grant funding for microgrid development from the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

Outstanding Partner for Solar MAP

Greenskies Clean Focus

Greenskies Clean Focus is the installation partner for the inaugural round of municipalities participating in the Solar Marketplace Assistance Program for Towns & Cities, Solar MAP. Greenskies was competitively selected to install 11 projects in Branford, Manchester, Mansfield, and Portland, totaling 2.8 MW of solar using the Green Bank’s Solar PPA, which are producing electricity and helping to reduce costs. Greenskies was a key driver in getting these projects to completion despite many hurdles in the industry from COVID-related supply chain impacts on equipment and timelines.

Accelerating PACE

Earthlight Technologies

Earthlight Technologies, headquartered in Ellington, CT, is a clean energy company providing solar, energy efficiency, and electric vehicle charging solutions to communities and businesses. The Green Bank recognizes Earthlight with an Accelerating PACE award for integrating C-PACE into its business model and continuing to demonstrate an innovative and forward-thinking approach to the market. Earthlight collaborates with the Green Bank, offering ideas that help contractors and customers.

Greenleaf Energy Solutions

Greenleaf Energy Solutions is an energy efficiency & renewable energy company in Oxford, CT. Greenleaf has demonstrated strong engagement across the Green Bank’s building solutions, especially C-PACE, in addition to the Solar PPA and Solar Roof Lease. The Accelerating PACE award recognizes Greenleaf’s significant participation within the C-PACE program and ability to drive business growth by integrating Green Bank programs within the sales process.


Investment Solutions Awards

Outstanding Partners

Amalgamated Bank

The Green Bank honors Amalgamated Bank for its outstanding partnership and support of Green Bank initiatives, including Green Liberty Bonds, the Small Business Energy Advantage (SBEA) program, Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs), and the Groton Fuel Cell project. Headquartered in New York, NY, Amalgamated Bank is on a mission of environmental and social responsibility.



The Green Bank honors KeyBank for its outstanding partnership and support of Green Bank initiatives, including residential & commercial solar PV. Headquartered in Cleveland, OH, KeyCorp is one of the nation’s largest bank-based financial services companies.


Liberty Bank

The Green Bank honors Liberty Bank for its outstanding partnership and support of Green Bank initiatives, including Green Liberty Bonds, C-PACE, and the Groton Fuel Cell project. Based in Connecticut, Liberty Bank is one of the oldest and largest mutual banks in the country.


Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union

For leadership in the Smart-E loan program, the Green Bank honors Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union. Headquartered in Rocky Hill, Nutmeg has consistently provided excellent support to homeowners and contractors in Hartford, Middlesex, New Haven, and Tolland counties, and select municipalities in Fairfield. A Smart-E lender since 2013, Nutmeg has specifically shown expertise in helping low-to-moderate-income borrowers.


Mutual Security Credit Union

For leadership in the Smart-E loan program, the Green Bank honors Mutual Security Credit Union (MSCU). Headquartered in Shelton, MSCU continues to offer its members in Fairfield, Litchfield, and New Haven counties high-quality service throughout the loan process. A Smart-E lender since 2016, MSCU has been a leader in the closing of solar loans.


Webster Bank

The Green Bank honors Webster Bank for its outstanding partnership and support of Green Bank initiatives, including residential & commercial solar PV, Green Liberty Bonds, and C-PACE. Headquartered in Stamford, CT, Webster Bank delivers financial solutions to businesses, individuals, and families, with locations across the Northeast.


Energy Storage Solutions Early Adopters

Energy Storage Solutions is a new energy storage program that incentivizes Eversource and UI customers to install batteries in their homes and businesses, helping customers across Connecticut be more secure in the face of our changing climate. PURA oversees this program, which is paid for by electric ratepayers and is administered by the Green Bank, Eversource, and UI. This year the Green Bank honors among the first to have projects installed and dispatching within the program.

The Green Bank also recognizes four residential participants as early adopters in the program for installing battery storage in their homes in Durham, Hartland, Mansfield, and Southbury. Battery systems can help homeowners be more prepared when storms are on the horizon, providing a backup power source when the grid goes down to keep lights and essential appliances running. Though they work great on their own, pairing batteries with solar photovoltaic (PV) systems can ensure that homeowners can not only use power during an outage but also recharge when the sun comes out.


RWE Clean Energy

RWE Clean Energy, LLC, a subsidiary of RWE AG, acquired Con Edison Clean Energy Businesses in March 2023. The Green Bank recognizes RWE Clean Energy as an early adopter of renewable energy applications based on its initiative and success in developing commercial and industrial market opportunities from the onset of the Energy Storage Solutions program. RWE has been awarded 10 MW of battery storage systems for the first tranche of the program and plans to continue its strong effort to further the growth of energy storage.



CPower, headquartered in Baltimore, MD, has been active in the Connecticut market for over 15 years. The Green Bank recognizes CPower as an early adopter for its strong initiative in the commercial and industrial contractor segment from the onset of the Energy Storage Solutions program, with more than 25 MW of battery systems awarded for the first tranche. The company plans to continue to help the state reach its energy storage goals through ongoing engagement in the program.


Green Power Energy

Green Power Energy has been in operation since 2009, serving homes and businesses across the Northeast and Central Texas, with their Connecticut office located in Durham. Green Power Energy is recognized as an early adopter in the Energy Storage Solutions program for a project in Durham.


SunBug Solar

Founded in 2009, SunBug is a solar energy company headquartered in Westfield, MA. SunBug is recognized as an early adopter in the Energy Storage Solutions program for a project in Hartland.


Earthlight Technologies

Also recognized with an Accelerating PACE Award for their work within the Green Bank C-PACE program, Earthlight Technologies is a clean energy company based in Ellington, CT. Earthlight is recognized as an early adopter in the Energy Storage Solutions program for a project in Mansfield.



SAVKAT® is a solar energy installation company headquartered in Bristol, CT. SAVKAT® is recognized as an early adopter in the Energy Storage Solutions program for a project in Southbury.


Home Solutions Awards

Smart-E Loan – Top Performers

For 2022, the Green Bank is recognizing 24 Smart-E Loan Top Performers. These Top Performers helped over 350 families across Connecticut make home energy improvements – allowing them to save money, reduce their carbon footprint, and live more comfortably in their homes. The Smart-E Loan offers homeowners no money down, low-interest financing for more than 40 qualifying projects that reduce energy use and lower utility costs. Since 2013, the Smart-E loan has enabled more than 6,000 families to make improvements with a projected lifetime energy cost savings of over $80 million.

In partnership with nine participating local lenders, the Top Performers’ projects surpassed $5.8 million in closed Smart-E Loans. Financed projects included insulation and window upgrades, high-efficiency heating and cooling solutions, rooftop solar PV and battery storage systems, health and safety improvements, and more.

The 2022 Top Performers (in alphabetical order; * denotes 2021 Top Performer recognition):

  • 20/20 Air Mechanical (New Milford)*
  • Air Inc. (Branford)
  • Absolute Air Services LLC (Portland)*
  • Aiello Home Services (Windsor Locks)*
  • Benvenuti Oil Company (Waterford)*
  • Call The Bee (Burlington)*
  • Campbell Cooling LLC (Newington)*
  • Celco Heating and Air Conditioning (Bridgeport)*
  • Deitch Energy LLC (Hartford)*
  • Douglas Mechanical Services (Berlin)
  • Ductworks HVAC Services (Southington)*
  • East Coast Mechanical, Inc. (Cheshire)
  • Glasco Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. (South Windsor)*
  • HARP Home Services (Windsor Locks)
  • Homestead Comfort (Ellington)*
  • Link Mechanical Services Inc. (New Britain)*
  • Nutmeg Mechanical Services, Inc. (Manchester)*
  • Omni Mechanical Services (South Windsor)*
  • Onofreo Home Comfort Systems LLC (Milford)
  • R&W Heating Energy Solutions LLC (Salem)*
  • Service Stars (Danbury)*
  • State Line Oil and Propane (Granby)
  • Tyler Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration LLC (Stratford)
  • Viglione Heating & Cooling Inc. (East Haven)*