Solar Marketplace Assistance Program

Connecticut Green Bank is making it even easier for building owners to navigate the solar marketplace to access renewable energy and achieve energy savings. By providing support that simplifies every step of the process, building owners can realize all the benefits of going solar – with fewer challenges and roadblocks than ever before.

Less work. More benefits.

Through the Solar Marketplace Assistance Program, or Solar MAP, Connecticut Green Bank will work with property owners to make developing solar PV projects easy. Solar MAP is currently available for Connecticut Towns and Cities and Connecticut State Agencies:

Towns & Cities State Government

Solar for all.

Solar MAP is not currently available for other types of properties such as multifamily housing, commercial and industrial properties or non profits. However, the Green Bank may still be able to assist you in identifying solar solutions for your property and connecting you with attractive financing. Please contact us to learn about our other solutions for solar PV on your building.