Your Battery System Turns on When the Power Goes Out

Having a battery installed in your home can help you be more prepared when storms are on the horizon. Batteries can be your backup power source when the grid goes down to keep your lights on and essential appliances like your fridge running.

Though they work great on their own, pairing batteries with solar photovoltaic (PV) systems can ensure that you can not only use power during an outage, but also recharge them when the sun comes out. Incentives are available for CT residents interested in energy storage installations, visit for more information.

Connecticut Green Bank – in partnership with Energize CT and select local lenders and contractors – offers long-term, low-interest financing to help you upgrade your home’s energy performance with no money down.

Loan Terms* 5 years 7 years 10 years 12 years
APR 4.49% 4.99% 5.99% 6.99%

*15 and 20 year terms are available. Lender participation varies.

Whether you are looking to improve the comfort of your home, lower your energy costs, or increase your home’s value, a Smart-E Loan makes it easy!

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Please note that the interest rates shown here are available to borrowers with a satisfactory credit history. Subject to other terms and conditions. Other restrictions may apply.

Standalone battery system

Energy storage with new solar PV systems

*Contractors must be approved to participate in the Energy Storage Solutions program. Visit to find an eligible contractor.

*Battery technology must be approved in the Energy Storage Solutions program to access the special low rates. To find approved technologies, please visit  and look in the column marked “Completed DERMS Integration” status. Technologies that are not approved can still receive financing through Smart-E at the standard rates.


Property must be:

  • Located in Connecticut
  • Owner-occupied
  • 1 to 4 unit residential building
  • Condominiums must be individually metered

Borrower Eligibility

Qualification is based on factors including, but not limited to, credit score and debt-to-income ratio (“DTI”). Note: all final underwriting decisions are made by the Smart-E lender.

Option 1: 580+ credit score, 50% DTI, $40,000 loan maximum – from the following lenders:

Capital for Change
CorePlus Credit Union
Eastern CT Savings Bank
Mutual Security Credit Union
Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union

Option 2: 640+ credit score, 45% DTI, $25,000 loan maximum – from the following lenders:

Ion Bank
Patriot Bank
Thomaston Saving Bank
Union Savings Bank
  1. Find a Contractor to discuss your energy improvements.
    If your contractor is not on the approved list, they should contact to get started.

    Using multiple contractors?
    Select one to act as your general contractor. They will help facilitate this process for you.

  2. Select your home energy upgrade.
    Your contractor will work with you to be sure the improvements meet our eligibility requirements. Click here for eligible measures list.

  3. Get pre-approved by a participating lender.
    Apply directly with your selected lender before your contractor begins the project.

  4. Project technical review
    Your contractor will submit the project scope of work to the CT Green Bank for confirmation that the equipment meets eligibility requirements.

  5. Close your loan with your lender.
    Your lender will reach out to schedule a loan closing once the project is approved.

  6. Contractor payments
    Contractors are paid by the loan funds, so no out-of-pocket cost is required!

Choose from these local lenders covering all of Connecticut. Click below to learn more about each institution’s service area, rates and special offers. Apply today!


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Toll-Free: (855) 344-1874

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