Charge Up Your Driving Experience with an Electric Vehicle

Intelligent Mobility – Electric vehicles nearly 50% off

Plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) have lower running costs than gasoline vehicles, and they can save you money while being great for the environment. With state and federal incentives, you can now get a better deal than ever on a plug-in vehicle. That’s why the Green Bank is currently promoting an additional manufacturer incentive from Nissan for their all-electric Leaf, which can create overall savings of almost 50% off.

Trim Leaf S Leaf SV Leaf SL Leaf Plus S Leaf Plus SV
Leaf Plus SL
 MSRP $29,990 $32,600 $36,300 $36,550 $38,510 $42,550
 Estimated range (in
miles up to)
150 150 150 226 226 226

  Total savings (up to)

Nissan rebate  

Federal Tax Credit (up to)  

State rebate (CHEAPR program)  









  Cost to customer* $15,990 $19,490 $23,300 $25,050 $27,010 $31,050
  Savings off MSRP 43% 40% 36% 31% 30% 27%
  Annual fuel &
maintenance savings**

* Plus a $895 destination/handling charge if needed, sales tax, registration fee, and optional extras.
** Compared to a new Ford Focus. Savings can be greater depending on the vehicle getting replaced.

Get a summary of the 2019 Nissan Leaf’s features

Click here to receive a flyer with a redemption code.  Take it to a Nissan dealer – along with a copy of your electricity bill – to receive your purchase rebate! (Leasing the vehicle may result in pricing favorable to post-lease buyouts). Remember to ask the dealership to help fill out paperwork for the additional state CHEAPR rebate.

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For more information about this program, please contact Matt Macunas.