Why should I add electric vehicle charging stations to my business or commercial property?

Be a leader in CT’s EV movement!

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Electric vehicles are surging in popularity. Join the movement and show your organization’s leadership & commitment to the growth of green energy in Connecticut (or click here to learn more about electric vehicles for personal use).

More and more drivers are choosing electric vehicles, which means the demand for charging infrastructure is accelerating! Property owners and businesses on the leading edge can pass by their competition now and be better prepared for the future! Make your parking lot into one of your most powerful tools for marketing your property and growing your business, while playing your part in keeping the air cleaner. Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and lead by example.

Provide Value to Customers

  • Attract new customers (including affluent, high-income clients) by providing a place to charge their vehicles.
  • Increase traffic and dwell time amongst your current customers base while gaining new loyal customers.
  • Prepare for millions of new EV drivers hitting the road by keeping your building ahead of the competition.
  • Let your customers know that your brand is innovative and committed to sustainability!

Keep Employees Happy

  • Provide employees with the benefit of electric vehicle charging at their workplace.
  • Position yourself ahead of other workplaces and give employees a reason to stay at their job longer.
  • Attract and retain talented and sustainably minded employees with a low-cost employee perk.
  • Demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainability, the community and social responsibility.

Attract and Retain Tenants

  • Whether your tenants are commercial or residential, provide them value with electric vehicle charging.
  • Stay competitive and attract new, energy conscious tenants by modernizing your building.

        Connecticut Green Bank’s Charge Up CT Buildings program can help commercial property owners using C-PACE to access free electric vehicle charging stations. Learn more at chargeupct.com