The Connecticut Green Bank’s evaluation efforts seek to understand how the increase in investment and deployment of clean energy supported by the Green Bank, result in benefits to society.  To that end, the Green Bank has devised an evaluation framework, conducts program evaluations and other studies, and supports market studies.

Evaluation Framework

The Connecticut Green Bank has established an evaluation framework to guide the assessment, monitoring and reporting of the program impacts and processes, including, but not limited to energy savings and clean energy production and the resulting societal impacts or benefits arising from clean energy investment.  Evaluation studies and analyses conducted or commissioned by the Green Bank fall within the various study categories presented in the Evaluation Framework.

Program Evaluations and Other Studies

The Green Bank hires consultants to conduct evaluations of its programs, both on its own and in response to legislative mandates.  Other studies are also commissioned to independent firms on topics of relevance to the clean energy industry and the Green Bank.

The following program evaluation studies were prepared and have been conducted in response to mandates by the Connecticut General Assembly, including:

From time-to-time, other studies are prepared by independent consultants on topics or programs of relevance to the Green Bank, including: