Commercial Contractors

Flexible financing that lowers operating costs.

Find the green energy upgrade that’s right for your customers. Help them unlock positive cash flow from their properties while increasing their value at the same time. Provide them with affordable, long-term financing that makes green upgrades possible for commercial, industrial, agricultural, nonprofit, and multi-family properties.

C-PACE Program

Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) is an innovative program that lets building owners pay for green improvements over time through a voluntary benefit assessment. The biggest barrier to converting leads to deals for energy upgrades is a building owner’s lack of capital. C-PACE solves this, and contractors who offer C-PACE gain access to more potential customers and can initiate projects with deeper and more comprehensive energy upgrades.

Grow your business with C-PACE

  • Offer 100% up-front financing with no money down
  • Design comprehensive projects that are immediately cash flow positive
  • Gain access to more potential customers

Owners no longer have to patch up old equipment that is too expensive to replace. With financing of up to 20 years, high ticket items, such as solar panels or new chillers, can be implemented on a positive cash flow basis from year one. C-PACE allows buildings owners to go beyond the ‘low hanging fruit’ and go deeper while increasing their bottom line.

With C-PACE, contractors can initiate projects with deeper and more comprehensive energy upgrades, providing their clients with immediate positive cash flow and no out-of-pocket expense. C-PACE is available to building owners of all types – commercial, industrial, agricultural, nonprofits and multifamily.

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C-PACE New Construction

C-PACE New Construction provides accessible and affordable financing for developers. It leverages the proven success of C-PACE to help developers build higher performing, and more cost-effective and competitive buildings.

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Multifamily Energy Financing Programs

The Connecticut Green Bank has a variety of programs that help multifamily owners save money on operating costs, reduce energy costs, and improve the living environment for their tenants.

Through our programs, multifamily contractors like you can grow your business by closing more projects, whether it is through pre-development loans for owners, or permanent financing.

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Green Bank Solar PPA

The Connecticut Green Bank offers the Green Bank Solar PPA – an opportunity to go solar with no money down, delivering immediate savings on electricity and offering peace of mind in knowing that an experienced third-party owns and operates your solar system to maximize its benefits.

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