E-News March 2021

2021 Webinar Series Announced

The Connecticut Green Bank invites you to join us as we explore the Renewable Energy of Community in our 2021 webinar series! Over the next year, we will hear from guests that touch on topics such as clean energy policy, financial innovation, social justice and cleantech advances. To kickoff on March 2, we will dive into national clean energy policy and its impact on Connecticut with podcast host and energy expert, Katherine Hamilton. Be a part of our community by joining the conversation.  Visit www.ctgreenbank.com/2021webinarseries/ for more information.

Poster Contest for Connecticut High School & College Students Announced

In July 2020, the Connecticut Green Bank issued its first Green Liberty Bond as part of the 50th anniversary celebration of Earth Day. Designed with U.S. War Bonds as an inspiration, the Green Bank used four posters as part of its marketing campaign to increase awareness. The 2020 Green Liberty Bond issuance generated nearly $17 million to support the Green Bank’s residential solar investment program, which helps homeowners add solar to their roofs.

Now, we are inviting current Connecticut high school and college/graduate students to submit posters tying together the themes of Green Bonds Us, Green Liberty Bonds, environmental justice, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and Connecticut.

See full details here. 

2020 PACEsetter Award Winners and Smart-E Top Performers Honored

In recognition of their contributions to the deployment of clean energy and demonstrated leadership in their industries in 2020, the Connecticut Green Bank has announced the honorees of their annual PACEsetter Awards and the Smart-E Loan Top Performers. Since 2012, the Green Bank has supported the creation of more than 23,000 job years and over 50,000 clean energy projects, thanks to our network of contractors, interested home- and building owners, and lending partners. See the list of winners here.

Charge Up CT Buildings Initiative Ends April 30, 2021

Through the Charge Up CT Buildings initiative, we are offering free electric vehicle charging stations to commercial, industrial, and non-profit property owners who use Connecticut Green Bank C-PACE financing to improve the energy efficiency of their building. Property owners who apply for C-PACE financing by April 30, 2021, may be eligible for this limited time promotion, receiving up to three free EV chargers. For more information about the initiative, please visit chargeupct.com.

Historic Inn Turns Up the Heat: The West Lane Inn Replaces Old Oil Burning System with Energy Efficient Electric Heat Pumps

Read about the West Lane Inn’s improvement project here

Communications Tower in Bolton First Known in U.S. to Use C-PACE Financing to Install Solar Array

Located in Bolton, the tower and support equipment provide communication services, including emergency services, to a wide array of customers and clients. Learn more here.

Report: Connecticut’s Energy and Transportation Costs are Unaffordable for Many Households, Especially the Most Vulnerable

According to a report released in late 2020, combined spending on energy, transportation, and housing in Connecticut households exceeds affordable levels in areas throughout the state. On average, these costs are 49% statewide, which is above the 45% threshold for affordability. Low- and moderate-income households are burdened at a higher rate – 68% – than wealthier residents because these costs consume a larger portion of their household income. Read more here.

Connecticut Green Bank and Its EV Charging Partners Register the First Validated Multi-Partner Carbon Offset Credit Project

In this first example of an EV charger carbon offset credit multi-partner project, Green Bank partners may enroll their selected EV chargers to create carbon credits from their EV charger datasets, which opens private carbon capital as a new source of investment for EV charging. Learn more about this innovative partnership here.