Supporting CT Passive House

The Connecticut Green Bank is proud to sponsor the educational programs of CT Passive House (CTPH), which are designed to build the capacity of Connecticut’s citizens and businesses to advance the Governor’s and Legislature’s energy strategy to achieve cleaner, less expensive, and more reliable sources of energy while creating jobs and supporting local economic development. The header image on this page is a beautiful passive home in Harwinton, designed by Jamie Wolf/Wolfworks Inc., which was the first house in Connecticut to be officially certified by the International Passive House Association and it won 3 out of the 4 categories in the CT Net Zero Challenge, including being designated as the overall winner.

The mission of CTPH resonates with the Green Bank, as we continue to innovateeducate and activate to accelerate the growth of green energy measures in the residential (single and multifamily), commercial, industrial, institutional and infrastructure sectors. The Connecticut Green Bank offers programs that make energy efficiency and renewable energy sources more accessible across the state. Click the images below to learn how we do this for:

Sparking a Green Energy Movement

Since our inception, the Connecticut Green Bank has surpassed $1 billion in clean energy investment in Connecticut. And we’re just getting started…  what will we spark next?